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The Glow Serum - Your Skin's Radiance Solution

SKU 213


Energize your skin with our specially formulated Glow Serum.


This product serves as an effective solution for repairing scars and evening out your skin's texture. It is supercharged with a Vitamin E complex, which penetrates your skin quickly, bringing out a radiant glow while simultaneously enhancing dull skin.


The Caymia Commitment As with all our products, The Glow Serum is committed to: Vegan formulations Cruelty-Free practices KMSO standards Paraben-Free ingredients


Unleash the power of our Glow Serum and let your skin's true brilliance shine!



The Glow Serum is rich with: African Melon Seed Oil Aqua Pomegranate Seed Oil Vitamin D3 Lavender Oil Peppermint Oil We believe in the ethical sourcing of ingredients, reflecting our commitment to offering quality skincare that respects your skin and our environment.




Apply the Glow Serum morning and night after you cleanse and tone. Massage 3 – 5 drops onto your face, neck, and décolleté. For the best results, apply your preferred moisturizer on top.

Key Benefits:

Scar repairing Even tones skin texture Quickly absorbs into the skin Visibly brightens the complexion Improves dull skin

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